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Updated as of May 14, 2017


As many of you know, Taylor and Gina Richardson of Battlement Mesa, CO, and their five sons, who are aged three to twelve, lost their dream house by fire on last March 24. Thankfully, no one was injured. They are members of the First Assembly of God church in Rifle, Colorado.  Although there has been an outpouring of generosity and good wishes for the family, there is more we would like to do.  Taylor and Gina are not asking for more.  In fact, delays caused by governmental regulations, are greatly slowing their efforts to restore their ordinary life routines. Taylor has said that they plan to “travel light” for some time to come. It is too soon to accumulate, to replace, and then to store, decades of belongings that were lost.  So, in the mean time, you can keep them in your prayers.  The plan to help them is on “pause”, but it remains.  We all can imagine the effort it will take to replace many years’ worth of belongings.  Insurance will replace items up to a limit.  We can still help.  Here is how the plan to do that, is shaping up: 


WHO?  Gina has asked her mother, Penny, and the pastor’s wife, Janet, to act on her behalf as contacts for questions and donations. Penny can be phoned at (970) 216-4095 and Janet can be texted or called at (970) 456-2972.  The best time to call is between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.  Gina’s sister, Lacy, is heading up a project to collect family photos of the Richardson’s for them, so you can contact Lacey for that, or we will forward them to her.


WHAT?  We can make their money go farther by sharing out of our abundance, and/or even sacrificial sharing. While home schooling curricula materials have been donated(!), Gina has said she could use   used books for her boys to read.  The family is currently organizing their living quarters, where they expect to be for about a year.  Thanks to the generosity of so many people, additional used clothing donations are not needed.  We still hope to prevent much confusion, duplication and work to sort through miscellaneous donations, by organizing a list of suggested items at a later date.  But for now, contact Penny, Janet, or Lacey, with your questions.   If you shop at home, please select items that are like new, (and cleaned up, ready to use)!  Try to cheer them up with attractive, useful things.


WHERE?  Donations can be brought to the church at 550 E 5th Street, Rifle, CO  81650.  Please phone or text Janet first, as it may be hard to hear your knock, or we may not be there.   


HOW? To provide you with a receipt for tax credit on charitable contributions, we are required to follow IRS rules.  Since we have asked for donations on behalf of the family, then we have met a basic rule that qualifies these gifts as tax deductible.  Another guideline for tax credit is that we need for you to present us with a sales receipt showing the value of the donated item(s).  If you do not wish for tax credit for donated items, then no documentation is needed.  Cash gifts with your name on the envelope, and the Richardson’s name, and your mailing address, will be documented for you. Checks should be made out to “First Assembly of God”, with “Richardson” written on the memo line.  Letters of receipt are typically issued after the end of the year. Unless you indicate otherwise, gifts will remain anonymous.   


WHEN? As stated before, they are not in a hurry to acquire replacements for lost goods.  They don’t even know yet how their new home will be decorated. Closer to time to move in, we expect to become more active in organizing donations that would be helpful.


Thanks for joining with us!  God bless you!



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